Guide to Ipoh Street Art Murals (2023)

If you’re visiting Ipoh on a day trip or as a weekend getaway, be sure to check out out some famous Ipoh Street Art!

Besides inexpensive delicious local food and historical monuments, street art murals in Ipoh are a must-visit if you like taking photos or simply enjoy art.

Plus, if you’ve seen street art in Penang or Melaka, you’re sure to find these murals as exciting.

In this article, you’ll find not only the sites for the famous Art of OldTown Ipoh but also other murals around Ipoh that are closely located to each other.

Art of OldTown Ipoh by Ernest Zacharevic

Art of OldTown Ipoh is a popular tourist attraction in Ipoh.

Talented Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic was commissioned to produce a series of street murals, sponsored by Ipoh’s Oldtown White Coffee.

Ernest has previously worked on street art in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

In an article by the Malay Mail, Ernest mentioned, “I’m really flattered that my art, and art in general, could have such an effect on a community, an area, in a city itself. On the other hand, it brings in a lot of dramatic dynamics — suddenly, street art is attracting so much (attention),”

Ipoh Street Art Map

ipoh street art
Art of OldTown Ipoh Map

There are 7 street art murals that are part of Art of OldTown Ipoh:

  1. Old Uncle With Coffee Cup (OLDTOWN White Coffee Padang Outlet)
  2. Paper Plane (Jalan Tun Sambanthan)
  3. Kopi-O (Jalan Tun Sambanthan)
  4. Hummingbird (Jalan Panglima)
  5. Evolution (Jalan Bijih Timah)
  6. Trishaw (Concubine Lane 3)
  7. Girl (Jalan Bandar Timah)
ipoh street art
Street art number 6 on the Art of OldTown Ipoh list.

Unfortunately, on my recent trip to Ipoh, I realized one of his artwork – “Evolution” had faded a little because of damp mould stains due to Malaysia’s humid climate.

Besides, some of the Ipoh wall paintings by the artist such as “Kopi-O”, “Paper Plane” and “Hummingbird” are not accessible due to construction and other reasons.

Note: Take note of the above street arts that are blocked by construction or other reasons so you don’t get dissapointed like I did. I really wanted to see the “Kopi-O” (because I love coffee!) and walked all the way there to find it unaccessible.

Other Ipoh Street Art around Ipoh OldTown

1. Concubine Lane Street Art

ipoh street art

Ipoh Street Art Location: Concubine Lane

This street art is on Concubine Lane itself, where there are many local stalls selling souvenirs and famous local street food.

It’s hard to miss as it’s usually swarmed by people taking turns for photos.

2. Malaysian Fruits

ipoh street art

This is an interesting street art, located in at an alley I randomly came across. The tree has many Malaysian fruits – durian, rambutan, papaya and more.

3. Harimau Malaya

ipoh street art

Ipoh Street Art Location: Bijeh Timah Street

This is a super cute and vibrant art of Harimau Malaya (Malaysian Tiger). It was an initiative by Cactus to preserve Malaysian wildlife.

4. Couple Eating Noodles

ipoh street art

Ipoh Street Art Location: Market Street

Take a photo with a local couple having a Malaysian favourite coffee shop meal, curry noodles.

There’s a stool for you to sit. This gives the street art a 3D effect.

5. Home Soy Street Art

ipoh street art

HOMESOY initiated this street art campaign to instill appreciation of art in the younger generation. This street art in Ipoh was painted by high school students from Penang.

It also has a 3D effect because of the HOMESOY cartons on the wall.

6. Uber Rider

ipoh street art

I stumbled upon this Street Art near the “Kopi O” street art (which is currently not accessible, the area is blocked).

I don’t exactly know what this street art is called but i’m calling it “Uber Rider”. A few years ago, we had Uber in Malaysia but as of now, the e-hailing market is dominated by Grab.

Just like the two little girls in the pic, we love our Grab riders, getting food delivered has been made so much easier.

Either way, this Ipoh street art with a motorbike seat will look pretty cool on your Instagram feed.

7. Uncle by The Road

ipoh street art

This uncle selling something that looks like cloth or tikar (carpets) is in a small alley. It’s not hard to miss if you’re at the entrance of Happy 8 Cafe at Market Street.

Other Unique Ipoh Murals

ipoh street art
ipoh street art

Tips for Exploring Ipoh Street Art

  1. Bring a refillable water bottle with you as the hot weather will make you thirsty.
  1. Wear walking shoes, there’s a lot of walking involved!
  2. Bring along an umbrella incase it rains or shield yourself from the scorching sun.
  3. Pack a powerbank, phone battery can drain fast when taking photos.

Things To Do In Ipoh With Family and Friends

Here is a quick list of things to do in Ipoh:

  • Go cave exploring (visit the temples too!)
  • Go cafe hopping
  • Try out local food (chicken rice, dim sum, ipoh white coffee)
  • Explore Banjaran Hot Springs
  • Visit Concubine Lane
  • Checkout BookXcess (lots of children books there)

Wrap Up: Ipoh Street Art

I hope you found some of these street art in Ipoh and had a great time exploring them!Other things to do in Ipoh – check out cave temples, try local street food and go cafe hopping!

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