Bali Breakup Curse: Personal Experience (2024)

While Bali is famous for its breathtaking beaches, it also has many ancient temples that are deeply rooted in Balinese Hinduism. 

With that being said, you must be wondering if the Bali breakup curse is real or just one of the many Bali myths and legends passed down from one generation to another. 

Although there is no straightforward answer to that question, this article should help you decide if visiting this tropical paradise with rich culture and traditions is for you!

If you’re looking for my personal experience, skip to the bottom of this article for an update!

What Is The Bali Breakup Curse?

The Bali breakup curse is bestowed upon all unmarried couples who visit Bali. Legend has it that unmarried couples (especially those intimate with each other) who visit Bali will breakup within 6 months. There are many names for this curse. Some of them are; The Bali Curse, Sumpahan Bali (which translates to Bali swears) and Bali Tanah Lot Curse.

What Is The Myth of Tanah Lot Temple?

bali breakup curse

Tanah Lot is one of the seven sea Hindu temples with intricate architecture that’s located on a large rock off the coast of Bali. It is also the very famous Bali breakup curse temple most tourists are wary about. 

According to the myth of Tanah Lot, a Brahmin Prince and Princess travelled from Java to Tanah Lot in hopes of enjoying a sunset and having a romantic time. 

The unmarried couple were intimate with each other. Soon after their encounter, the Prince left the Princess. She was heartbroken and swore that any unmarried couple who visits the land will breakup within 6 months of visit.

bali breakup curse

Some Other Versions of The Bali Breakup Curse

Many different versions of this Bali myth exist. In some versions, the curse only affects those who visit Tanah Lot Temple. This means, if you do go to Bali and avoid one of the most iconic tourist spots ever, you should be safe. 

Another version of the curse says that it doesn’t matter if you visit the temple or not, the curse affects all unmarried couples who visit Bali and are intimate with each other. 

Is The Bali Breakup Curse Real?

There is no empirical evidence supporting the Bali breakup curse. The curse could be one of the many Balinese superstitions as Bali is a spiritual island deeply rooted in Hinduism. 

Travel expectations and stress among couples can also lead to unwanted breakups. At times, denial can get the better of us, causing us to use this myth as a reason that led to the breakup.

Should Couples Visit Bali?

Although Bali is a hotspot for couples to enjoy a romantic getaway, it has also made many couples cautious and averse to visiting the majestic island. 

If you or your partner are superstitious or have strong religious beliefs, it might not do you well to visit Bali as you might be anxious about the Bali breakup curse.

If it helps, avoid visiting the Tanah Lot Temple so you can have some peace of mind and have a romantic vacation with your loved one.

Can Couples Go to Bali?

Let’s put the myth aside. Are unmarried couples allowed to travel to Bali? You might have heard about the new law. But know that it is not effective as of date. Unwed couples can visit Bali as this law does not apply to tourists as of now.

My Personal Take On The Bali Breakup Curse

Personally, I think that the Bali Breakup Curse could be a folklore or an old wife tale to remind young couples to not take part in intimate acts (although this is a personal choice, many religious people believe that it’s not okay to take part in such acts before getting married).

Another theory I have is that this myth helps with keeping tourists away from Bali as the island has become an increasingly popular destination which may in return hurt the natural amenities of the island. At times, tourists may also disrespect sacred places such as ancient temples and shrines.

Whether this curse is true or not, if your relationship is built on a strong foundation, nothing can shake it up, let alone some folklore.

Update: I visited Bali in late 2023 with my partner and as i’m writing this, we’re in mid-year 2024 and we are still together. I know, it may seem like a silly thing to update on, but many people stop themselves from visiting this beautiful island just because of a myth/legend. However, I must say that we did not get the chance to visit Tanah Lot together.

In February 2024, my sister and I visited Tanah Lot. Now of course, we’re sisters so there’s no relevant legend or myth that might break us up. We do however have our petty quarrels, like most siblings do!

Ultimately, the choice is yours to visit Bali/Tanah Lot. ☺️

So, is the Bali curse true?

There is no definite answer. Personally, I think it’s a myth. There are couples who break up, and then there are those who are still as strong as ever. I hope this will not stop you from visiting the Island of Gods.

What are your thoughts on the Bali breakup curse? Share your personal experience in the comments!

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